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Is your skin susceptible to acne breakouts? Are you tired of using products that leave you with harsh, dry skin that only leads to more acne breakouts? If so, then you need to consider the product Exposed Skin Care.

What’s Exposed Skin Care?

It’s an innovative line of skin care products sold worldwide (including right here in Australia) that is guaranteed to rid your skin of those unsightly acne blemishes in 30 days or less. The company, which was established in 2002 in Washington State, uses the power of radical science and brings it together with the calming properties seen in pure natural extracts. All of these working together do four things:

  • Unclog pores
  • Control oil production
  • Destroy bacteria that causes acne
  • Reduce redness 

Thus, making sure your skin is healthy and clear.

What Makes Exposed Skin Care So Different From Other Acne-Fighting Products

You may be wondering what makes Exposed Skin Care different from all acne-fighting products you can purchase on the market. 

Exposed Skin Care was developed by a group of chemists, cosmetologists, dermatologists and naturopaths, making it the only product of such a concerted effort. With this kind of effort by skin care professionals, it enabled them to come up with a new way to approach skin care affected by acne. They were also able to come up with a formula that would prevent the development of new acne.

Some of its ingredients include the powerful Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid and the soothing Passion Flower, Licorice Root and Green Tea. It’s a combination that will fulfill you with confidence – confidence in knowing that your acne-prone skin will heal and in its place the development of healthy, beautiful skin. 

The treatment of Exposed Skin Care involves combating and preventing acne in never-before-seen kind of ways. The majority of products on the market provide limited methods to fight acne. However, Exposed works to unclog pores, destroy the bacteria that causes acne, stabilize sebum production levels, decrease inflammation and help with the healing of lesions. 

Information from the Mayo Clinic says acne develops because hair follicles become clogged by dead skin cells and bacteria. Exposed acne treatment products use the power of benzoyl peroxide to decrease inflammation, blocked pores and acne scars so your skin will look its best all the time. 

We’ve had many comments from Australians who’ve used Exposed Skin Care products and had success in treating their acne-prone skin. The treatment using doctor-approved ingredients, which don’t leave the skin feeling dry or inflamed. It’s the better alternative to prescription medications and laser treatments people have been using. No dangerous side effects, no reason for you to spend time at the doctor’s office and no harmful, damaging ingredients. 

You can just order the products at your leisure from home or wherever you are. If you’re tired of dealing with inflammation from acne or blocked pores that cause acne, you’ll want to use Exposed Skin Care products. Dermatology tests show that Exposed Skin Care can clear out blocked hair follicles without leaving behind any residue. 

Exposed Skin Care ensures clearer, beautiful skin for any person tired of suffering from acne breakouts! Order your products today to start seeing clear, healthy and beautiful skin tomorrow!

Exposed Skin Care is Now Available for Orders to Australia

Order Today & Save Up To 53%

For everyone interested in treating acne, it is important to understand that acne treating demands time and patience. You may need to exercise a little patience before the acne can clear up. While treating acne using exposed skin care with any other effective treatment, the treatment could take longer time and get even worse than expected before any sign of improvement. As earlier discussed, the treatment of acne using exposed skin care is a gradual process before users can have a complete and balanced healing.

There is an adjustment period which is usually the first 2 weeks of acne treatment. You may have some flare-ups during the first 2 weeks of the treatment. It is recommended that you use the exposed skin care infrequently during these two weeks.

Healing usually occurs between the 2nd week and the 4th week. You will notice some blemish recoveries on your skin. This is a sign that the healing is in a process.

There are usually vivid improvements between the 4th and 8th weeks of the treatment. You will notice a very few blemish on your skin at this time. A clearer skin, reduction in skin redness, and smoother skin are some of the signs of the improvements. 

By the 10th week, your skin will look smoother, improved, with a significant reduction in the skin redness, and pores on your skin. 

The following must be considered when using exposed skin care for acne treatment.

  • 1) Minimize the usage

Remember that exposed skin care is produced chemically; it is advisable for users to reduce its use to avoid its harmful effects on the skin.

Don’t overuse the product as it could make your skin worse than expected. 

Moderation is the secret and overuse must be avoided especially the serum.

  • 2) Don’t scrub too hard to avoid skin irritation

Care must be taken when applying the product. Irritation can result from rubbing, touching and squeezing which results into making the acne get worse. It is important to apply the product softly and gently on your skin at all times to avoid any form of irritation and most importantly when using with various products. 

  • 3) Use a little on a dry or sensitive skin

Skin care products are usually known to be sensitive to dry or sensitive skin. On this type of skin, ensure you apply a little amount of the product on your skin or possibly use it once in a blue moon.

  • 4) Apply little on oily skin

Usually, oily skins are prone to acne. For a better treatment, you can use more serum than other skin types. When starting the treatment on oily skin, never should you start with a lot of serum, a dab is more preferred. Between the 2nd and 3rd weeks, add more serum in a low quantity and a half-length of serum as time goes on.

For oily skins suffering stubborn acne, it is recommended you apply the treatment up to two times in a day. 

  • 5) Morning routine

You can start your day with a facial cleanser. First, wet your face and apply a small quantity of facial cleanser in your hands. Gently rub this on your face for about 15 seconds and avoid having contact with your eyes. Rinse your face with warm water, and dry it gently using a clean towel.

  • 6) Apply clearing tonic gently on your face

 Apply a small dab of the clearing tonic over your face after applying the facial cleanser. Your eyes are more important to you; ensure you avoid your eye contact with these products.

  • 7) Acne Treatment Serum

For areas that are prone to blemish, gently apply little quantity of acne treatment serum over your face before your skin dries from the clearing tonic.

Let the acne treatment serum dry completely on your face which may take up to 2-5 minutes, and ensure you avoid its contact with your eyes. Don’t pat using a towel like you would with other products.

  • 8) Repeat the same routine in the evening

To complete the treatment, it is always ideal to apply the facial cleanser and clearing tonic same way you did in the morning. 

It is better to use the clear pore serum in place of the acne treatment serum. It is better to apply the clear pore serum while your face is still wet from the clearing tonic applied. So don’t wait for the clearing tonic to dry before you apply the clear pore serum. Ensure you don’t have eye contact with these products while applying the clear pore serum. Ensure they are applied in areas prone to blemish. Ensure this is completely dry before applying any other product on your face.

The previously discussed steps are ideal steps. You can choose to go with this 4th step by using the exposed skin care moisture complex although it is optional.

Once the earlier discussed 3 treatment plan steps are completed whether as a morning routine or evening routine, it is important to be patient until you have a completely dry face and dab the exposed skin care moisture complex lightly on your skin.

Apply and pat the serum gently on your skin, and do not rub to avoid any form of irritation.

Order Today & Save Up To 53%
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