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Does Meladerm Work On Hyperpigmentation

​Using Meladerm Cream To eliminate Dark Underarms

​The fashion industry is full surprises and never disappoints. It showcases some of the latest wears to hit the market and if you love to be among the first people to wear the latest release then this is good news for you. For those who love sleeveless fashion then they are privy to the fact that when they are going about their daily duties, the underarms are often exposed. For those who have white underarms good for them but for those with dark underarms, it can be quite embarrassing showing them in public. If you have tried all possible methods to eliminate Dark Underarms to no avail, not to worry; Meladerm is here for you.
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Meladerm is a product that is designed to rid body hyperpigmentation and is very useful in eliminating dark underarms.

What Causes Dark Underarms?

Dark underarms emanate from allergies, hormonal activities, shaving, diabetes and excessive use of deodorants. Additionally, this condition can be inherited from parents. Here is how Meladerm use works to reduce those dark underarms:

The color of your skin is determined by a pigment in the body known as melanin which is manufactured in melanosomes in body cells. Melanosomes are the major reason for darkening of your underarms when they are hyperactive.


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Meladerm cream helps reduce the dark patches on your underarms by reducing the melanosome activity. This is enabled by reduction in the concentration of tyrosinase which is crucial for the production of melanin. Progressive use of Meladerm cream reduces the activity of this enzyme and hence elimination of the dark patches on your underarms.

It’s worth noting that Meladerm is very effective because it employs only effective natural skin lightening ingredients that have no negative side effects in the long-term. They include alpha arbutin, licorice extracts, lemon juice and kojic acid.


Meladerm is your best bet for elimination of dark patches on the underarms. It’s safe, and the individual realizes long-term results within a short time-frame. Visit Meladerm Australia and be on your way to beautiful, dark-free underarms.