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The amount of overhead associated with setting up distributorships in Australia makes it cost prohibitive as it would  increase the retail price considerably. We directly market our products from our manufacturing facility and this helps us in keeping the prices to a bare minimum. This is the only place where you can find the cheapest price for Meladerm. buy directly from us! The process is easy.

Consumer Warning: Meladerm is not available from stockists in Australia, also, we have reports of some unauthorized merchants who are selling Meladerm on eBay and Amazon at heavily inflated prices. Official Meladerm is only sold through our distribution center in the USA. We offer manufacturer direct prices and low shipping rates to all destinations in Australia for only $8.99 USD

We have an "SSL Certified" ecommerce site, and if you prefer to pay through PayPal, or credit card, the automated shopping cart will enable you to securely, and safely place your orders. To place your order, you just click on the "Purchase" button next to your product of interest. Clicking on the button automatically takes you to the secure shopping cart. The "Checkout button" then completes the ordering process, and directs you to the payment page, once you have added all your desired products, to the shopping cart.

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You will be required to choose your preferred payment method during checkout. If you decide to make your payment through PayPal, you will be directed to, and log into your account, to complete the payment. Should you decide to pay via PayPal e-check, the order will be held until the funds clear, and our financial institution accepts the payment.

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For those who prefer to make payments by credit card, we currently accept American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and Visa. Debit cards that have the Mastercard, or Visa logos are also accepted. Once you are done with the checkout process, you will be directed to the SSL secured payment page, to provide your credit card details. As an additional security measure, WE NEVER store, in our database, your credit card details, or any other financial information that you may provide. Please visit our privacy policy page, for more information on how your financial/ credit card details are managed.

Important Notice: Please ensure that the shipping details, on the order form, are accurate. Since we have fast processing times, and our ordering system is automated, we cannot make changes to your address, once the order is completed. All orders are delivered to the address that was given on the order form, during checkout.

Telephone Orders

If you are an international customer, please place your order by regular mail, or online.

Buy Meladerm Via Mail Order

You can also send your order for Meladerm, or that of any other product, through regular mail. However, we only accept money orders or cashier checks. In addition, we do not accept personal checks or company checks. To make your payment with a money order or a cashiers check, please fill this mail order form, and send it to the mailing address given on our contact page, along with your payment.

We warmly welcome you to our website, a place where you can find high quality skin lightener. The skin lightener can be used to treat things, such as mild freckles, and large dark skin patches caused by exposing yourself to the sun for many years, or the infamous Melasma, which causes different types of black and brown spots.

As a team of highly dedicated people, we have reviewed the abilities and healing potential of the popular Meladerm. It is a potent, unique, and highly affordable cosmetic products that treats all types of dark spots that may appear on the skin. Our aim is to provide visitors, and potential buyers with insightful, helpful, and accurate information regarding the product termed to be the best in the industry when it comes to melama issues. The product successfully handles hormonal imbalances, dark spots caused by exposure to the sun, as well side effects caused by prescription, among others.

Before settling on Meladerm, our team members have looked at different types of skin lighteners, with the aim of finding the most efficient, safest, and easy to use product, that the market has to offer. During the extensive research, our team has looked at several factors, including the following:

  • The types of skin disorders treatable by the products in question.
  • The attention to detail given during the manufacturing process, as well as the safety of the ingredients.
  • The cost of the skin care formula.
  • The number of positive reviews and ratings that the product in question has received.
  • Recommendations given by professionals in the medical field, and
  • The duration it takes the product in question to cure the different types of dark spots.

We have managed, through countless hours of hard work, to document all the main benefits associated with the Meladerm formulation. In addition, we have been able to document most of its unique and key assets, which make it stand out from its competitors as the number 1 dark spot removal product across the country.

Furthermore, we have been in touch, and continue to be in touch with people who have used the product, or are still using it regularly. These people have provided our team with invaluable insight into the practical use of the product, and its results.

We may not offer a similar amount of valid information, that a licensed dermatologist can provide regarding the serums superiority of treating skin problems such as Melasma and hyperpigmentation, but we have certainly conducted research on the subject matter. Moreover, we have also sought additional information from highly regarded professionals.

To come up with your personal opinion regarding the product, we encourage you to go through our quality resources, and informational articles about Meladerm Australia. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback regarding this Meladerm site, please feel free to contact us. Also, before using or buying any skin product sold on this or other online website, remember to consult your doctor.
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