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Why Peoples Skin Ages Faster in Australia

Why Australian men and women's skin ages faster than the rest of the world

You may be surprised to hear this, but the skin of Australian men and women ages a lot faster than those of European and American people. It appears to be, as studies have shown, that their skin can age between 10 and 20 years faster. 20 years, that’s a huge difference. But what causes the skin of the Aussies to age so much faster?

How do we see the skin aging?

The study was done by having women from different ethnicities fill in questionnaires regarding the amount of ageing their skin has done in comparison to scales. Features that were looked at include crow’s feet, tear throughs, volume loss in the face, lines between nose and sides of the upper lip etc. Australian women scored significantly higher when it comes to the amount of lines visible in the face and the loss of volume in their face. This came out to show that their skin is roughly 20 years older than that of European and American women. The lines are indeed worse, but the loss of volume is posing a bigger problem. The fact that the volume loss happens a lot more than the causing of lines is because the loss of volume is caused by longer UVA waves, the kind of sun rays that sunscreen does not protect us from. Thus, Australian skin isn’t just aging faster, it’s also aging in a different way.

Sun exposure

As an Australian you might know that your life is all about being outdoor, at least that’s the case for a lot of Australian men and women. The fair weather, in combination with the fact that most people live on the coast, make it that Australian people are exposed to a lot of sun. Australian people generally spend a lot of time outdoors, and the sun is often shining, with very few cloudy days. Thus, Australians are subjected to a lot more sun exposure than Americans or Europeans. We all know that a lot of sun exposure is bad for our skin, but it turns out to have an even bigger effect than we thought. 

They also think that the main reason for the speeding up of the aging process is sun exposure in the childhood years. Australian children get a lot more sun exposure than their European and American counterparts, on top of this, children will often forget to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun. 
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What you can do

For skin care products we highly recommend that you buy Christie Brinkley Skin Care in Australia, the message is pretty clear if you want to keep your skin looking young for a lounger amount of time, protect it from the sun. On top of using sunscreen every single day, even during the winter when the sun is not shining, you want to wear a hat more often and seek the shadow out when the sun gets too intense. You want to limit your amount of sun exposure to protect your skin from sun exposure. Quitting smoking is also a technique that can slow down skin ageing.

Other factors

Sun exposure plays a huge role in the ageing of the skin, but it’s not the only factor that plays a role. What do you think about keeping your makeup on when you go to bed, or not properly washing your face? You may think that these things don’t matter that much, but they definitely do. You can always turn around these habits and start taking good care of your skin to slow down the ageing process of your skin.

Not doing anything for your skin is bad, but doing too much isn’t going to work either, especially aggressive treatments should be avoided. You might want to spot treat your pimples, but this will only irritate and dry out the skin, eventually causing it to age faster. It’s better to stick to gentle skincare products. 

Overall health will also influence the ageing process of your skin. Drinking a decent amount of water and eating healthily will have a positive influence on your skin and prevent it from ageing too fast. Getting enough sleep is also more important than you might think it is. Your body needs rest to rejuvenate, which also includes the skin.

Living in Australia doesn’t mean that your skin is doomed, there are plenty of ways you can protect it and things you can avoid to save your skin. You may have to be more careful then your American and European counterparts, but no one gets to enjoy as much good weather as you do.

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