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Are you susceptible to acne break-outs? Are you fed up with acne products that leave your skin dry and irritated and leading to even more breakouts? If so, then you need to use the Exposed acne treatment.

What is Exposed Skin Care and how does it work?

Exposed Skin Care is a unique line of products specifically designed to treat acne and is now sold worldwide including New Zealand, it is guaranteed to get rid your acne in 30 days or less or your money back. The products use a combination of science and natural plant extracts to effectively: 

  • Unclog your skin's pores
  • Eliminate excess oil production
  • Combat the acne causing bacteria
  • Calm your skin

Thus, ensuring your skin is clear, healthy and acne-free.

What Differentiates Exposed Skin Care from Other Products

You may be questioning why Exposed Skin Care is so different from any of the other acne products on the market. 

Exposed acne treatment system was created by a group of skin care professionals including dermatologists, cosmeticians, naturopaths and scientists, making it the only product of it's kind in the world. The formula not only rids your skin of acne very quickly it also prevents further breakouts which is something that all other acne treatments can not accomplish.

An impressive list of acne-fighting ingredients include: Salicylic Acid & Benzoyl Peroxide as well as the soothing benefits of Green Tea, Licorice Root and Passion Flower. It’s a combination that works better than any other acne treatment – you can be confident in knowing that your acne will heal very quickly and your skin will exude a healthy, beautiful glow, free from future breakouts. 

Do you want a superior alternative treatment for your acne-prone skin that will not leave undesirable side effects? You should try out this treatment regimen made from ingredients approved by leading dermatologists. This remedy is better than laser treatment and regular prescription medications, and many of our satisfied customers are already testifying about the efficacy of this acne remedy.

The Exposed Skin Care Solution

Before commencing your acne treatment, It is vital to bear in mind that acne does not vanish magically overnight. There is a need for some patience before you can achieve your objectives of a clear skin complexion. Effective treatment solutions for acne makes the condition get worse before it starts getting better progressively. The sequence is the same when you use the Exposed Skin Care treatment too; so you will need to exercise patience to see the tangible results.

The treatment journey leads the skin to an extended healing process which allows the skin to become balanced. There may be additional flare-ups during the Adjustment Period which is usually the first two weeks. Therefore, we recommend a slight application of the Exposed Skin Care during this period. However, between the second and fourth week of treatment, the old blemishes on the skin starts to improve.

The improvement on the skin complexion becomes remarkably apparent between four and eight weeks of treatment. At this point, just a few blemishes will remain, and the redness will be reduced considerably, leading to smoother and fresher skin.

New breakouts usually stop after the 10th week due to the Exposed Skin Care actively preventing infection relapse. At this stage, the skin will be smoother with improved complexion, and the size of the skin pores will be reduced considerably.

Exposed Skin Care Now Delivers to New Zealand (NZ)

SAVE up to 53% on Acne Treatment  Kits Today!
Use Moderately

The saying that less is more is entirely accurate when it comes to applying medication to acne-prone skin. Excess application of the treatment will not speed up the recovery process. Instead, it can make it to becomes worse. It is crucial to make sure that the application of the product is not in excess, especially at the beginning of the treatment. Apply the products sparingly at the beginning (usually the first two weeks) and increase it when the treatment procedure is in full swing. Be careful to use the serum moderately.

Avoid Irritating the Skin

It is crucial to bear in mind that irritating the skin makes the acne to get worse. Always apply the product to the skin gently. Consistent rubbing, squeezing, touching and poking the skin irritates it. Therefore be gentle with the skin at all times, especially when you are applying various products to the surface.

Treatment of Sensitive Skin

The skin types that are prone to getting dry and red tend to be sensitive to skin care products. You should only apply the product sparingly if you have this type of skin. You may also use the product once every two days.

Treatment of Oily Skin

More serum should be applied fo oily skin because these skin types are often susceptible to acne infection compared to other skin types. However, the same principle of sparing application of the serum applies at the start of the treatment regimen. Just dab a little during the first two weeks and increase the use gradually after that. At the peak of the treatment, you can be applying up to half a finger length of serum. People who have excessively dry skin or extensive acne infection can apply the treatment regimen up to twice daily.

The Application Routine

The first step of the treatment is to use the Facial Cleanser. Moisturize the face and massage the facial cleanser into the skin for about 15 seconds. Rub the product gently and avoid contact with the eyeballs. After that, rinse the face with warm water and dry the kind gently with a towel.

Use the clearing Tonic

The next product to apply after using the facial cleanser is the Clearing Tonic. Dab small portions of the product to the face with bare hands. 

The Acne Treatment Serum

The Acne Treatment Serum should be applied to the skin before the Clearing Tonic dries off. A small amount of the serum should be used precisely to the points that are prone to acne breakouts. Unlike the other products, the Serum should not be dabbed off with the towel. Allow the three to five minutes for the product to dry off by itself. Avoid contact with the eyes.

The Evening Treatment.

It is expedient to repeat the same morning treatment routine of the Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic and the Serum in the evening also. However, this time around, the Clear Pore Serum should be used instead of the Acne Treatment Serum. 

Rub the Clear Pore Serum gently on areas that are prone to blemishes and avoid contact with the eyes. The application should be allowed to dry completely before using any other product on the face. 

The use of the fourth product is entirely optional, at the discretion of the user. The Exposed Skin Care Moisture Complex may be used after completing the first three treatment procedures, make sure the skin is completely dry before applying the product. Do not scrub, just rub the moisture complex on the face until it vanishes.

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