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Our customers trust us as we have been producing the industry's finest skin lightening products for over 14 years now delivering world class results. We produce the Meladerm lightening cream, which is the right solution for any dark spots, age spots, acne scars, uneven skin surface, skin discoloration, dark circles around the eyes, hyperpigmentation, melasma and more. Our research team makes sure each one of our products include high quality ingredients that are free from Hydroquinone as well as the most advanced skin whitening formulas. We have a high quality team of chemists, pharmacists and expert researchers striving to produce the best skin whitening products in the world today!

Important Notice: Meladerm is NOT sold through any stockists and is ONLY available online from our manufacturing and distribution center located in the USA. We guarantee the lowest price and we ship to all destinations throughout Australia! 
In 1999, the firm developed a detailed plan to produce the most innovative skin lightening creams in the industry. The formula had to be 100% safe as well as effective on all skin types of any ethnicity. We put a lot of effort in this single idea as well as extensive research over time. The result: a revolutionary skin whitening cream was created to meet the demands of so many people with hyper pigmented skin. The purest ingredients as well as the most advanced technology were used to bring about what we consider to be the world's top skin lightening treatment in the Australian market. In 2004, we released Meladerm into the market after 4 long years of clinical trials and testing. Our Development and Research team strives to bring about all the innovations needed to bring to the market the most powerful yet effective skin bleaching products in the industry.

How Meladerm Skin Lightening Formula Works:

Meladerm is made up of all natural skin bleaching ingredients that have been derived from various plant based extracts such as: 

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Meladerm is Hydroquinone-free

Hydroquinone, once a staple ingredient in various topical skin lightening treatments, has faced stringent restrictions from the FDA due to safety apprehensions. Several countries including Australia have gone a step further, completely banning its use due to documented cases of exogenous ochronosis and leukoderma.

At Civant, we take your skin's safety seriously. That's why all our products are hydroquinone-free. We believe in harnessing the power of nature, utilizing a range of natural skin brightening ingredients that have proven efficacy in reducing the appearance of dark spots and skin discolorations. Our commitment lies in providing effective, safe, and natural solutions for your skincare needs.

All of these plant based ingredients are scientifically documented for having skin lightening properties, and Meladerm combines these properties synergistically providing excellent results on skin discolorations. To find out what others have experienced, you just have to go over our unsolicited testimonials written by our customers over the past 10 years.

Melanin is a natural pigment produced by the skin. Melanosomes are the synthesis of melanin when they become cytoplamsic organelles. The enzyme tyrosinase produces an enzymatic reaction to convert tyrosine into melanin with the help of melanosomes. Melanosomes build up in darker skin areas. Therefore, tyrosinase and melanosomes are used in many ways to produce the desired results. Meladerm takes advantage of this enzymatic conversion right away.

Patience and time are needed to fade your dark skin spots over time. You cannot expect an overnight whiter skin tone, but you will see results within 2 weeks of using Meladerm alongside exfoliating agents. Depending on your skin nature and individual conditions, you can expect to get full results after two or three months

What Makes Civant Skincare Unique?

With at least one skin care product entering the market each day, you have hundreds of options. These products have a couple of ingredients found in Meladerm as well, but the question is: are they really effective? You might also ask the following question: what makes the formula behind Meladerm really unique?

The answer is research. The company behind Meladerm cream has done tons of research to bring to the market a high grade item, which is not the case when using low grade products. Great care must be part of the manufacturing process of any skin care products. For example, no active ingredient must be exposed to air or light as the strength of the substance will lessen over time. To harness an active ingredient`s true strength, the manufacturing process must treat it with care. Vacuum desiccators are sometimes used to preserve the life of an active ingredient. To get the most of any active ingredient, Civiant makes sure that one of them is micronized and filtered the right way. Most low-grade product manufacturers do not take these precautions into consideration.

The base ingredients of a product are as important as the active ones. The right liposomes and carriers must be chosen in order to make sure the active ingredients of a product are absorbed by the skin. To ensure that the skin irritation is minimal, preservatives and moisturizers should be included.

Meladerm's active ingredients are both tolerable and safe. Its base and active ingredients are both safe and high quality. This is what set us really above the crowd and makes the Meladerm`s formula quite effective.

What is Meladerm Used For?

Meladerm is used to eliminate skin hyper-pigmentation including age spots, sun spots liver spots, freckles melasma and many other skin discolorations, please feel free to navigate our website to find out more about how Meladerm can help you.

Directions for use:

Apply Meladerm on dry and clean skin. Apply Meladerm two times a day evenly on your affected area. Massage the product completely until absorbed. Use an exfoliation scrub if you want to see even better results. Before using Meladerm, get in touch with your dermatologist and talk about it. This is especially important if you suffer from a general concern or underlying medical problem. Your physician should give you recommendations for your long term treatment.

To get better results, apply Meladerm once at night and once in the morning. The use of a SPF-30 sunscreen is also recommended. Before applying makeup or sun block, wait around 10 minutes. Limit your exposure to the sunlight as much as you can. Avoid using sun lamps as well as tanning beds as much as you can. Keep Meladerm in a dry cool place, and this place should be away from any direct sunlight. Do not dismantle the product, as it will allow light and air to enter into it that will oxidize the item.

Caution: apply a small amount of Meladerm to your arm to test for any allergic reactions. Children under 12 years, nursing mothers as well as pregnant women should avoid using this product.

  • Licorice  Root – Glabridin is a powerful skin brightening ingredient found within the licorice root and is extracted in it's purest form. 

  • Mulberry – A flowering plant used in China for centuries to effectively lighten skin and to effectively produce a lighter skin tone.

  • Emblica Extract – Is a uniquely formulated composition extracted from the gooseberry plant (a.k.a. Phyllanthus emblica). This ingredient has been scientifically proven to provide very significant skin brightening effects when used in a low to moderate concentration.​

  • Bearberry Extract  – Also known as Beta-Arbutin or just Arbutin, is derived from the Uva Ursi plant and is well documented as being an extremely effective all-natural skin brightener.

  • Lemon Extract – Lemon juice is one of Mother Nature's most powerful skin bleaching ingredients. When used in small concentrations Lemon juice is quite effective at lightening skin discolorations and will not irritate the skin.

  • Vitamin C  – When used on a daily bssis, vitamin C brightens and evens out you skin while improving hydration, and reduceing skin damage caused by pollutants.​

  • Niacinamide – widely known as vitamin B3, is an organic compound with potent skin brightening properties that work even better when it is combined with other brightening ingredients ingredients like Kojic Acid and Arbutin.

  • Alpha Arbutin – Is a water soluble type of arbutin and is probably the most effective skin brightening ingredient characterized by biosynthesis for dark spots and discolored skin caused by hyperpigmentation. It's perfect for use on any skin type.​​

  • GigaWhite™ – Is one of the derivatives of alpine plants and is commonly used as a non-preservative skin brightener and has been scientifically proven to have excellent skin whitening effects when used topically.​

  • SymWhite™ – Phenylethyl resorcinol, also referred to as Symwhite SymWhite™ is extracted from a specific molecule that grows naturally in pine trees and exhibits very poweful antioxidant and skin brightening properties.

  • Sepiwhite™ is a powerful skin lightener that is manufactured by a company called Seppic, it is pariculariy effective when combineed with Vitamin B3 and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and can be used on all types of skin.​
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